Elena and Layel

Our previous life’s work heavily focuses on the improving the human experience: Layel via Transformative Justice, and Elena via birthwork. Eventually we realized our current global crisis cannot sustainably foster the human experiences we work so hard to create. We decided to holistically create the world’s that we imagined via the responsible management of our home, planet earth.

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  • Liberation
  • Compassion
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Humanity
  • Ingenuity + Creativity
  • Commitment + Dedication
  • People of color leadership
  • Local Economies
  • We deploy our zero waste lifestyle holding the humanity and dignity of all peoples
  • Continuously positioning people of color as real solution holders to our wasteful economies
  • Growing commitment and dedication to a zero waste lifestyle within communities of color
  • Encouraging deeper connection of people of color’s history and ancestral knowledge
  • Being zero waste is not solely about individual impact, it’s about collectivizing impact and power
  • Zero waste living is a tool to realign a balanced relationship with our ecosystems and divesting from accumulation of wealth and power
  • Aligning with a Just Transition, a regenerative economy that serves all, not just a few
  • Holding humanity and dignity of all people
  • Autonomy of people of color to self-define and reimagine a zero waste lifestyle
  • Constantly moving towards redefining “economy” to be in better management of our homes i.e. homes, communities, neighborhoods and planet
  • Strategically use the term “Zero Waste” not solely as a defining marker, but to utilize its mainstream momentum
  • To be resilient we must adapt due to climate change while accepting and celebrating our individual and collective ingenuity and creativity
  • We buy locally whenever possible
  • Support in building better alternatives for people of color
  • We center and are lead by the experiences of people of color
  • We strive to be more accountable to our daily contributions of harming the planet and depleting our ecosystems
  • We continue to shed light on systems and economies that do great damage to our planet and its ecosystems
  • In service of growth, we practice transparency around the obstacles of being zero waste
  • Strive to support for the accessibility of all people towards a less wasteful and more intentional way of life
  • Accept challenges with creativity and ingenuity
  • Hold compassion for all, and especially those along the margins
  • Align with and for environmental sustainability
  • Constantly moving in alignment with ethical work practices and fair financial compensation for individual short term and long term sustainability
  • Our work will always move towards freedom and liberation, especially towards the reparations for black, brown and indigenous peoples as well as for queer liberation




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